June 2021 // The Children Edition

Inspiration not Imitation | Creating Your Own Art Work | Karen Bagley

Now that we have gotten back to our center, how do we handle the clients who come in with their inspiration images asking for that image, all the while this article is ringing in your head with dread? Now let me be clear, I love when clients have inspiration. It gives YOU insight into who they are and that is another big piece to the puzzle in racking up sales. BECAUSE you understand their mind better. However, the best way to handle that situation is to specifically say, “I love that you have inspiration, that’s perfect. But, understand I never copy another artists’ work, so we will make it our own.” It works every time. Yes, feel free to use that exact sentence. It’s not copyrighted. HA! Now, here you find yourself with inspiration trying to figure out how to make it yours. That’s where the real fun begins. This is where you look at that inspiration once and never look at it again. Now is the time for you to connect with your own creative mind and switch it up. Could you find a better location? Could you take a dry gown or silk and make it wet? Could you crinkle seamless paper to add texture? Could you layer backdrops for multiple colors and textures? Or even something simpler like changing poses? Or even your lighting positioning?

settings: f10 @ 1/125 iso 200

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