June 2021 // The Children Edition

Well, I am here to help. We tend to put our minds in a creative box, if you will, for multiple reasons. The biggest of which is: Nobody has done this before, so is it really possible that I could possibly do it? Our confidence is shaken so we stick with what we know. Or what we see other photographers supposedly making money with. So, the reasoning part of our brain says “stick with that.” I mean, we already hear it enough that our career isn’t even a career to begin with, so we already feel shaky in ourselves right out of the gate. To that I say a loud “SCREW THAT!” We didn’t become photographers to create the same exact thing as everyone else. We chose this career to show everyone the beauty we see in our own way, what’s in our own mind. Change is in the air and step one to that change is to stop looking to everyone else. PLEASE for the love of all things STAY OFF PINTEREST. I swear Pinterest is a rabbit hole of the same things that a billion other photographers have done. But it’s not just there, it’s on all social media. So, take one HUGE step back from looking at others’ work. Instead, go outside, go visit a museum, go to an antique store and look for older fashion magazines. Go to your happy place. (All of you who know me know that that is the ocean for me. My biggest creative ideas come when I just hear the water.) Take time to push everything out and focus on you and how YOU see the world, the people, interactions between people. What does your creative mind see? What do you see beauty in? What do you not see beauty in? Can you change it to make it beautiful? If so, how?

settings: f7.1 @ 1/125 iso 160

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