June 2021 // The Children Edition

Inspiration not Imitation | Creating Your Own Art Work | Karen Bagley

settings: f14 @ 1/125 iso 640

Now please understand we have all had “that” client who has seen something somewhere and asked us to repeat it. So, what do we do…We copy it. Make the client happy, right? Short answer, yes. Long answer, NO! We have all been guilty of this, myself included. Not only is this further disconnecting us from our creative minds, but we are losing bigger sales because clients want what they see… It’s all they know. What if though, you give them something they have never seen? IMAGINE YOUR SALES THEN! And the ability to reach clients who truly value what’s in that beautiful mind of yours. At what point are we just copying other artists’ work and at what point do we get back in touch with our true creative self?

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