June 2021 // The Children Edition

How I Got the Shot | Barbara Macferrin

I love creating fine art portraiture. For better or worse, I don’t usually visualize a final portrait ahead of time, or have an exact idea of what I want to create. Most of the magic just happens in the moment as I’m shooting, then I make the image come to life in Photoshop. I’m inspired by the paintings of the Old Masters, and I always wished I could paint like they did. But since I am not that talented of a painter, the next best thing is to “paint” in Photoshop. This image was taken during one of my fine art workshops. I wanted to create visual interest with the color of the green dress complementing Alex’s red hair, then bringing the color red again into the books that were in her lap.


I hired my hair/makeup artist, Theresa, to create a nice sweep with a side braid and a bun. The only makeup applied was mascara to bring out her lashes and some clear lip gloss. The dress is made by Trish Scully—a jewel-green color with a delicate floral embroidered pattern throughout. I chose this dress to complement her red hair and fair complexion.

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