June 2021 // The Children Edition


CAMERA: hasselblad h6d50 WEBSITE: annegeddes.com

ABOUT THE IMAGE: Here’s the story of how this image was created. There are a number of images in this series, which I wanted to seem very “womb” like. We hand made very thin sheets of latex, almost transparent, which took many days of experimenting to get right. The liquid latex was painted over a flat, dust free surface and needed to dry slowly overnight. The results can often be uneven and totally unexpected. Many mornings we’d be faced with another failed attempt - often bubbles formed, which meant another day of experimentation. Finally we had a number of sheets, each carefully stretched over wooden frames and mounted vertically. My Studio Manager Natalie was draped in fabric of a similar tone to the latex (rendering her invisible in the image). Standing behind the sheet, she gently placed sleeping newborn Poppy’s tiny feet against the latex, which had also been coated with fine powder. Everything about this image is real - no retouching necessary.

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