June 2021 // The Children Edition

This is your chance to finally have the baby still and position him as you like in mom’s arms.

I love to put the baby skin to skin with mom and wrap both of them together using a loose piece of fabric, like I did in this image. When choosing fabrics that will go in contact with babies’ skin, it’s best to go for natural, organic fabrics like cotton and silk that won’t cause irritations or make the baby too warm.

Synthetic fibers are less breathable and can cause the baby to feel hot and may also make the mom sweat.

Babies generally do not have a lot of patience on set, therefore it is extremely important to use every available moment and make the most out of it, including sleep and breastfeeding. It’s up to us to make art out of it. Plan ahead every lighting setup, every change of clothes, every detail so that you don’t end up wasting time during the session. Don’t lose the opportunity to take a good variety of portraits for your clients because the baby gets tired and stressed and doesn’t want to collaborate anymore. If the baby starts crying or seems unsettled, take a moment and try to understand what’s going on and how you and the mom can meet his needs. These are three ideas to help you unlock your creativity when working with babies. If you’re already offering maternity sessions, you might want to consider adding motherhood photoshoots to your portfolio. I promise your clients will love it and so will you!

Donatella Nicolini is a photographer, speaker and specialized international educator known for her exclusive, luxurious and elegant maternity portraits that blend a fashion-forward style with fine art portraits, published and awarded worldwide. She also speaks at numerous international photography conferences and teaches courses for professionals from all over the world. website: en.donatellanicolini.it instagram: @donatellanicolinistudio

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