June 2021 // The Children Edition

3 Creative Ideas For Your Motherhood Photoshoots | Donatella Nicolini


It’s very likely that at some point during the photoshoot, the baby will get hungry.

Bummer? Not really!

If the mom is breastfeeding, take advantage of these intimate, precious minutes to create the most memorable portraits. Breastfeeding is a powerful moment that deserves to be photographed with respect and grace. It can be tricky to portray breastfeeding with elegance, but when done right, the results are absolutely magnificent and your clients will completely fall in love with them. Please keep in mind that not all moms breastfeed and it is a sensitive subject for many people, so be careful when bringing up the topic during or before the photoshoot. Don’t push the mom into any situations she might not feel comfortable in. This photo session is all about connection and emotions and it’s our job to make our clients feel at ease and free to express themselves while bonding with their baby. Never make your clients feel judged, especially about such private matters.

settings: f8.0 @ 1/200 iso 100

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