June 2021 // The Children Edition

3 Creative Ideas For Your Motherhood Photoshoots | Donatella Nicolini

Here are three ideas for your creativemotherhood photoshoots.


We live in a three-dimensional world and we try to reproduce part of it in our images that are bi-dimensional instead.

Using layers in your image adds depth and makes them look more three-dimensional and interesting.

I love to use natural elements in my studio, such as flowers, leaves or dry grass, and position them at different distances between the subject and the camera so I get a more interesting depth of field, and I also get to frame my subjects beautifully.

You can clamp flowers, pampas, leaves (just to name a few) to your light stands and place them in different spots.

In this photo I even used a simple piece of tape to attach some pampas to the wall right behind my subjects. Then, I had a couple people holding more pampas in front of the camera to create that soft, out of focus effect that frames the image in a way that is not too invasive and doesn’t take away too much attention from the mom and the baby at the center of the image. Take a look at the color palette: everything is in harmony and the color of the pampas is as warm and soft as the color of the subjects’ skin and hair. The dress we chose is white as well as the wall we used as background.

settings: f5.0 @ 1/160 iso 800

On the following page is another example using the same layering technique.

For this image I was inspired by the color palette used in the Netflix Series “Bridgerton.”

In color analysis, this specific color palette belongs to the summer season and includes pastel colors with a cold undertone, such as the light blue and lilac in the flowers and the dress. I found that studying color analysis has been extremely helpful for my photography work. I can now choose colors more wisely and with purpose, knowing in advance what color combinations will look good together and what colors will be flattering to my subject.

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