December 2020 // The How-to Edition

One-Light Setups | John Gress


What if we had a small window? It would produce a very directional shaft of light. You could get the same effect by using a small softbox, but in this example I want to share with you the specialty modifier that I’ve been using lately: a Nicefoto SN-29 optical snoot. It allows you project all kinds of shapes onto your subject or background by focusing shadows that are created by casting light through a metal stencil (commonly called a gobo, or go between). This modifier is fairly inexpensive and comes in a Bowens mount, which you can adapt to other brands. In this example, I used Elinchrom’s Mini Spot Lite to project a circle—simulating a theatrical spotlight—onto my model and then onto the background. It’s a super easy and simple one-light setup that goes well beyond the norm.

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