December 2020 // The How-to Edition

One-Light Setups | John Gress


If we put sheer curtains in front of our window, it will soften up to the light greatly but reduce the overall exposure. The resulting light will be beautiful and hard to beat. In a studio environment we can recreate this by putting a translucent reflector or a scrim between the lights and the subject. However, you could use an opaque shower curtain, a bedsheet or an actual sheer curtain. Why go through the trouble of simulating what we can find in the real world with other objects when we can just use the object? The short answer is mostly because of the color or the mounting options. But I digress. Lately, I’ve really gotten into using scrims in order to further soften the light—it produces nice diffuse soft lighting and it’s a great way to mix things up.

* The hair light was not used in the final image.

Model: Justin Davidson, Stylist: Pablo Roberto Settings: f7.1 @ 1/200 ISO 100

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