December 2020 // The How-to Edition


After I moved into my home, I really had to tap into my creativity and find my style in a new environment. There was something about having space restrictions that really helped motivate me to try new things with my brand. I fully encourage taking the time to experiment. I’m lucky to have high ceilings in my studio space, so I build more upward in the space I’m shooting clients. I love the look of showing the whole space in my sessions and often have more of a deconstructed look and show my backdrops in the final images. Adding this look to my sessions has added to the storytelling element. Something that is important to me no matter what is sticking to my signature style while also being creative in my studio space. I also cannot recommend enough to do a few test shoots in your space before you have paying clients come in. You’ll be more likely to know how to create in your small space and look like the confident photographer you are for your clients.

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