December 2020 // The How-to Edition

How to Pose Your Clients: Tips and Tricks No One Talks About | Antwon Maxwell

To bring my point home, I have one last image to share. It is a perfect example of how lighting, mood and purpose were all primary considerations for the posing. This photo was captured in-studio for a vegan lipstick brand. For this shoot, I did my signature hard lighting that mimics sunlight. I wanted the model to tilt her head up towards the light and pose with her arm creating a shadow across her face. The shoot’s mood was lux and elegant, so her facial expressions stayed soft and graceful the entire shoot. The photo’s purpose was to show off the lip color, so I ensured the model’s poses and shadows were not blocking or distracting from her lips. This pose also prevents the viewers from being distracted by her eyes and draws you right into her lips where the focus should be.

The next time you do a shoot, I hope you have these three elements in mind. This will help you shoot with purpose and undoubtedly take your work to the next level.

Antwon is a distinguished Washington D.C.-based beauty and fashion photographer. He had spent more than 12 years in the IT field before redirecting his creative talents toward photography. His work, primarily trademarked by its tastefully fascinating and meticulously detailed quality, continuously reflects his mellow approach balanced by his perfectionist nature. website: instagram: @antwonmaxwellphotography

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