December 2020 // The How-to Edition


A model’s facial expression, posture and posing positions depend on the mood and feeling the client wants to portray through the photos. I never start a shoot without asking the client for a visual representation of what they want. Everyone on your team should be super clear on the mood of your shoot well before shoot day. This is accomplished using a mood board. There are many reasons to have a mood board for your shoots, but posing inspirations is definitely a big one. This gives the model and photographer a clear direction on posing. Should it be young and fun or serious and sexy? It also serves as an excellent reference in case the model runs out of poses while shooting.

On this page you can see campaign photos I took for two separate cosmetic brands. Their brand voice and target demographics are very different, so the models’ posing and mood are different. One brand is more fun and playful, while the other is more serious and lux. This was discussed ahead of time, so the models had plenty of time to practice their fake smiles in the mirror.

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