December 2020 // The How-to Edition

We made it. It’s December, and for wedding photographers and cinematographers, this year has been one of the toughest challenges we may ever face. The pandemic shut down our businesses, and even as I write this, some of the best markets such as New York and California have a long road back before we are allowed to operate. The future is unknown. But with such challenges come great opportunities. We all have had areas of our businesses that we wanted to fix. Many of you have known for years that you want to transition to IPS, or that you want to break into the luxury market. This is the time to make the adjustments to restart in 2021. Aquestion I get all the time from photographers and videographers is, “How do we break into the luxury market?” That’s a fair question… but first let’s talk about why you would want to be a luxury wedding photographer.


It’s true that when you shoot luxury weddings, you will often have a lot of beautiful details to photograph. More budget sometimes means large floral arrangements, elaborate venues, intricate reception halls, expensive wedding gowns and exclusive designs by many of the vendors you work with.


Many luxury clients will plan destination weddings that take place throughout the world. Having destination weddings in your portfolio will allow you to create unique images that will intrigue your local clients. Destination weddings are inspiring because you often find yourself in places that are very photographable.


When you break into the destination market, now you have access to exclusive vendor partners. The luxury community is very, very small. Breaking in is tough, even in large markets. But once the high-end vendors see you at multiple events, now they will be a lot more willing to work with you. You will be able to develop relationships with people that you had not had a chance to meet with in the past.


If you had a choice to provide the quality of service you want vs. being unable to go all out on an event because there is not enough profit margin, I am pretty sure you would pick the former. That is the biggest reason why I love luxury weddings. The ability to bring assistants and lighting equipment, and tell the full story through both photo and video allows you to produce an event that both you and your clients will love—as well as the next potential client that sees them.

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