December 2020 // The How-to Edition


In order to understand a couple enough to tell their story, you need to understand their relationship style. I give my clients a questionnaire that gives me information about how their relationship works. Are they the romantic type, or more fun and quirky? This is extremely important in getting the couple to open up and pose for shots, but it's also important in determining how the visual narrative depicted in the album will flow. Also, when you are explaining the process and discussing the layout or which photos to keep, using keywords that relate to the couple's relationship style will help them engage and provide better feedback.

I have one other quick tip for using keywords. When customers are looking through the album photos and ask to remove photos, I never sugarcoat the terminology. I won't say “remove” to them the way I just did with you. Nor will I say other nice words like “take away.” I always use the word “delete.” When you ask them if they want to delete a photo, the permanence of it sticks with them and helps guide their decision. They will be getting the digital files, so none of their photos are actually deleted from existence, but they are deleted from the album. This is important because the album is what the family will keep going back to over and over again. They are going to want as many special moments in there as possible.

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