December 2020 // The How-to Edition

Creating a preset is nothing new to many of you. You can create presets just for Color Grading settings to be applied. Simply apply the settings you want in the Color Grading panel and while in Develop, hold Shift + Command while striking the ‘n’ key. In the dialog box you can check just the Color Grading box, create a Color Grading group and name the preset accordingly. (Fig. 15) Then you can apply this in the library to multiple images at once. (Fig. 16) I prefer using presets this way since I typically apply this after I am completely done editing. (before and after)


Now, before you go out and upgrade to Lightroom Classic v10 you may need some additional updates to your computer’s operating system. Do some research and make sure upgrading makes sense at this time, especially during busy season. Many of you may wait and continue doing your color grading in Photoshop, which is fine. For those that have upgraded and been tinkering with the new features, this article will help you add it to your editing toolbox. Take some time to learn the editing views, color ranges, color wheel and editing sliders. Most importantly, how are you using this tool: for creative effects, correcting mixed light or all of the above? I recommend building a few presets and batch applying this to multiple images at the end of your editing process—it’s way faster to do in Lightroom vs. Photoshop.

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