December 2020 // The How-to Edition

Do You Need to Sell Printed Products as a Photographer? | Vanessa Joy


If you've sold an album before, you'll know that clients can take forever to pick pictures. Sometimes it can be years after the wedding and you still haven't gotten the album completed. Part of the reason for this is that clients aren't experts. They don't understand how to tell a story with pictures. So picking the right pictures doesn't come easy for them. This is where it falls on you, as the professional, to understand where the lack of expertise will be a problem and make it easy for them. By pre-designing an album, you'll know exactly which shots are needed and be able to put the album together much quicker without wishy-washy input from the client. By pre-designing the album, you'll also be better equipped to show them exactly how their album will tell their story during the sales process. I actually have a designer that works with me on the album design. It's nice to be able to outsource these things to someone who is really great at weaving a series of pictures into a compelling visual narrative. It provides an extra layer of expertise for my clients and gives me more free time to focus on other tasks. This obviously isn't something you have to do, but if you can find someone with expertise in album design that exceeds your own, it certainly becomes a worthwhile thing to consider.

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