December 2020 // The How-to Edition

4 Steps to Use the Color Grade Tool in Lightroom Classic v10 | Dustin Lucas

That’s where I like to use the global view to shift things warmer all over. Of course, you can correct color in multiple panels in Lightroom like white balance, presence and HSL, however we have more control of the color ranges here. Another way I like to correct the warm artificial lights at a reception is using the eyedropper tool, which can be found in any of the detailed color grades or global view. (Fig. 12) Simply click on the color swatch in the lower left corner of the color wheel and click and drag the dropper to any part of the image. This allows you to color grade to a specific color tone in the image. If it’s too intense, lower saturation and adjust luminance for a moodier look. (Fig. 13ab)

fig 12

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