December 2020 // The How-to Edition

4 Steps to Use the Color Grade Tool in Lightroom Classic v10 | Dustin Lucas


With the Luminance slider you can adjust your image’s brightness per range individually. This can be done without the Hue and Saturation sliders applied if you prefer to simply boost the midtones. Now we have another way to recover tones and isolate them per color range. This is a similar tool from the HSL panel, however instead of being color specific, this is for tonal range. The basics of this slider are to move to the left to darken and to the right to brighten. You can also use the global view to adjust the entire image with one slider. Another great use for this tool is to add some creative tonal shifts in your image as well as shift the color. (Fig. 5) Now that we’ve shifted the color and luminance we can begin to blend and balance.

fig 5


The Balance slider lets you extend the adjustment to other ranges and can be quite useful for images in difficult lighting. If applying the color grade to the shadows, moving the slider to the left would extend to the other tones while moving to the right adds more of the effect to only the shadows. (Fig. 6) The opposite effect would take place if applying to the highlights. If you want to extend into the midtones and shadows you move to the right. (Fig. 7)

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