December 2020 // The How-to Edition

Rock Your Styled Shoot | Jewels Gray


Polish, process and deliver the images to your team. I make them available for download on my hosting site and include both the high resolution images and the web ready files that contain my logo. Make sure to include a list of each vendor and links to their websites and social media pages so they can get credit. I prefer them to share the web ready images with my logo and give me a credit each and every time. They also have the full res files if they want to use them for marketing materials. If you plan on submitting these to a specific publication for “exclusivity” make sure to let your vendors know they should not share them until they are published. This can take up to six months or more! If they are just for your personal branding or you submit them to anything non-exclusive, then share away! The more your vendors share, the more reach you’ll get, and hopefully more leads!

I also do a blog post on my website with the images, the backstory and all the vendor love.

Getting published can be a challenge, but don’t give up. Use a service such as Two Bright Lights to help you stay organized since every publication has different markets, timelines and submission guidelines. If you want to submit to something specific, it’s helpful to look up their requirements before the shoot so you’re getting the content they’re interested in.

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