December 2020 // The How-to Edition


On the day of the shoot, be the first one there. It’s your show—show them how excited and organized you are by being on time. This is imperative if it is your first time working together. Make a great first impression! Shoot everything a lot. My approach is wide-middle-tight-vertical-horizontal. I start with the overall wide shots, then work my way down to the tiniest detail. Shoot at different angles and shoot for each vendor. Do each setup with and without models. When shooting the models, shoot all their details such as the hairstyle, the jewelry, the makeup, everything. Make them look cool—think of a magazine ad or a fashion editorial and don’t forget to shoot for yourself! Refer to your inspiration board for posing ideas, composition, lighting, etc. Get as much as you can! This is your chance—don’t miss the opportunity! I like to take a more commercial approach for this section of the day to make things more dramatic and stand out from the rest. After the shoot, send an email immediately and thank everyone for their time and talents. Better yet, send a hand- written thank you with a little gift. I make sure to get enough of whatever the “favor” is so that I can include it with the thank you card! It’s an unexpected personal touch that is always appreciated.

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