December 2020 // The How-to Edition

How did I find my light? I looked at who and what inspired me and feverishly tried to find the setups they did, eventually realizing that just seeing the setups wasn’t a guarantee. You have to understand light and how it behaves. You need to understand the benefits of using the different tools at hand. The present community is filled with skilled photographers with widely available content that breaks it down a little more in detail. The main factor is practice. There is no substitute. You can watch all the videos, do all the workshops, read all the articles. If you are not shooting, you are not learning to be instinctive or developing your style. In 2015, I shot one to three times every single weekend, using both natural and artificial light of all kinds. I began to favor photographers like Clay Cook and Felix Kunze. I was attracted to their style more and more. How they used soft light to create their imagery. I began to be influenced by the more dramatic lighting as time went on. Then later, I tried to combine the two styles by lighting in the way of Felix Kunze but still being dramatic or dynamic, which leads me to how I create today. Depending on the scenario or environment and what I am trying to accomplish, I favor several different modifiers.

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