December 2020 // The How-to Edition


I am a photographer that truly believes taking pictures should be fun. I want to feel like I’m hanging out and playing dress-up with one of my friends. I don’t want to feel like I’m going to work. Who wants to play dress-up with a boring person? Definitely not me. This means I need to convince my client that we are having girl time and I’m here for whatever is on her mind. I need to give my client a feeling of security and comfort. By the end of the session, I want her to feel like we are BFFs. This is the time to show your fun personality as a photographer. Have fun with the session. Don’t just stand there and tell them to smile. How can I bring out your personality and who you are if I can’t get you to relax and trust me? This is what this session is all about—who your client is and how you plan to present them to the world. So yes, most of the time I’m super silly. However, if I can break your wall down then I can capture who you truly are and not a pose I put you in.

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