January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

After years of practice and honing my skills, I have come up with some useful tips for photographers who want to improve their fine art portrait photography or are wanting to start offering fine art photography for their clients. Here are some ideas that may be helpful.


My fine art portraits are all about showing the subtle emotions of my subjects. I don’t worry too much about props or jewelry, and in some cases, even the wardrobe is super simple. If you don’t have a varied wardrobe, start with draped fabrics or scarves—it helps if the colors are muted and solid. Be careful with white because it can draw the eye away from your subject’s face. Don’t use fabrics or clothing with busy patterns or flashy colors as they tend to be distracting. Once you are feeling more comfortable with your results, start bringing in elements that will tell a story and will enhance your image. When photographing children, you can bring in a simple prop such as a favorite toy or an item that is meaningful to them, such as a book or a musical instrument.

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