January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

You can see the crazy transformation from college-aged to 16 again when she gives us her big smile with her braces as she stood in the window. We added the slouch hat so she could feel like she was in her favorite place: Paris, France.


The most important thing to remember when shooting this age is that these young ladies are still just girls. They have the stress of sports and homework, fights with their boyfriends and drama with school. They have struggles at home or between two homes, the anxiety of which college to go to, and the crazy conflict and division in our country. It’s fun for them to dress up for a day and escape and pretend. And it’s an honor for us to be able to help them along the way.

David Beckham is an award-winning photographer. This past year, one of his photos won the Grand Imaging Award in the Senior category at the Professional Photographers of America’s International Competition. He has a studio in Pickerington, Ohio and specializes in fashion styled senior photography. He will be returning to speak for the fifth time at ShutterFest ‘21. David also teaches workshops from his studio four times a year. Ericka Reid received her esthetician certification from Hex Makeup School of Los Angeles in 2008. Her business is Magic’s In The Makeup. She has been working with David for 12 years and is also his office manager. website: davidbeckhamphotography.com instagram: @DavidBeckhamPhotography

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