January 2021 // The Beauty Edition


Kensley is the youngest of the models. The whole set is white on white and the goal with makeup was to make her look older, like a fashion model. Kensley spent the 21 days prior to this shoot in quarantine. Covid started with her dad and then to her mom and two sisters. Kensley never tested positive. Although her dad never went into the hospital, he was sick enough for her to be worried. They are all fine now and Kensley looks great in white.

MAKEUP ARTIST NOTE: With this makeup look I had to find the balance between keeping it natural but also making it stand out. With a white shoot, I couldn’t have makeup that was too light or she would look washed out, but with her having gorgeous blue eyes, I didn’t want too dark of tones as it would close her eye. I placed a neutral taupe color all over her eyelid as a base color. I then went in with two darker eyeshadow colors and layered them, almost like an ombre effect. I knew I needed to add something to make this look pop and be different from the others, so in the lash line I used the eyeshadow as a wing and took it out past the eye without going too far. I lined the bottom lash line with the taupe eyeshadow and added a strip of full volume lashes. I added a touch of peach blush to complement her skin tone and the eyeshadow. I decided to keep her lips plump-looking by adding a bit of pink lipstick and gloss in the middle to catch the light.

The first shots are just ambient window light. Her makeup is strong and smokey and the light contours her face. Kensley is posing without smiling to attain that beauty vibe. She is wearing a simple tank and leaning against the north-facing windows so the light can do magic.

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