January 2021 // The Beauty Edition


Rachel is as carefree as she looks. Her smile is intoxicating and shows her happy spirit. We did an alter ego type shoot with her and she had a great time. The wig, makeup and the Photoshop magic on her eyes and additional purple accents made for a high-fashion vogue beauty look.

MAKEUPARTIST NOTE: Purple is one of my favorite colors to use on clients (and myself!). So, when David told me Rachel was going to wear a purple wig and crop top, I knew this was going to be fun! Instantly, in my head I am running through all the purple eyeshadows, glitters and lipsticks in my kit, meaning more than plenty of options. As Rachel sat down in the makeup chair, all three of us discussed what this shoot was going to look like. I noticed how youthful and glowing her skin looked. She voiced a little concern on a patch of dry skin on her forehead. Being a makeup artist, I’ve seen it all… breakouts, birthmarks, scars, scratches, rosacea and all types of skin irritations. I wasn’t in the least bit worried. Since the rest of her skin was flawless and I wanted to keep the luminosity and youth, I used the L’Oreal 24HR Pro-Glow foundation on her face. I then went in and used a green corrector on the dry patch to cancel out the redness. After I went over with a concealer that matched her skin tone, it was gone! If there is ever texture from a blemish of any sort, Photoshop can help remedy that issue. For the eyes, I settled on a purple eyeshadow pigment that was closest to her wig color and had a high shimmer effect. I used big, full Ardell lashes to dramatize the look. To make the look even more vibrant, I used a light purple toned lipstick. For the cheekbones, I used a dark bronze contour to make her face look a bit more chiseled and high- end. For the finishing touch, we used Urban Decay’s eyeshadow glitter on the high points of her collarbone and shoulders to give that extra touch of shine and glam.

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