January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

Hair & Makeup Tips & Tricks to Elevate Your Beauty Portraits | David Beckham & Ericka Reid

We are using two lights again for the close-ups. The angles of the lights cast shadows that create depth. I’m using the three poses I teach about at every senior workshop I do. “Drop your chin and look down. Look at me. Smile.” This runs the gamut from beauty to serious to fun and is perfect for girls this age.

The next image pushes the limits a little more. Seniors and moms love this shot. The key to making it work is the angle of the light coming from the strip box. The light needs to be close to the floor and pointing at her so the spill does not hit the floor in front of her. That will kill the cool reflection and leave a bright white spot underneath her. The camera needs to be sitting on the ground as well (advantage of Sony Eye-Focus). The rest is camera settings: ISO 100, f/16, 1/160 with the flash at ½ power. This turns the white dark. Emma’s black homecoming dress is the one set we did that is not white/bright-based. It is a three-light setup; two with strip boxes, the main using the one without the grid. The third light has a 7” cone on it with a 20-degree grid. It is positioned to shine on the back wall to create a slight vignette.

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