January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

The last shots of Emily use one light with a strip box and no grid. Mixing edgy fashion poses into my senior photography has been part of my brand since I went full-time 11 years ago. There is always a line for what is too sexy for seniors. Sexy pose, sexy outfit, sexy expression—choose one, occasionally two, NEVER three. And that line is still subjective. I have heard moms and dads (and other photographers) say things like “Not my daughter!” when they see a photo I’ve taken. And I completely agree with them—if the parents don’t agree I wouldn’t shoot them that way. But others love the moment captured of their daughter’s body in a graceful pose that expresses their beauty as they grow into the woman they will soon be. Moms often wish they had something like this of themselves in their own memory books too. Emily is wearing the prom dress she didn’t get to wear at her junior prom and probably will not get to show off at her senior prom either due to the Covid dilemma.

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