January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

Hair & Makeup Tips & Tricks to Elevate Your Beauty Portraits | David Beckham & Ericka Reid


The first time I focused my lens on Emily’s face I noticed her scars. I always ask seniors how they got them. She told me that when she was a toddler her dog bit her face and left two scars on her nose and another on her lip. I asked her if I should Photoshop them out. She said, “Nah, I forget they are even there!” I loved her answer. I love when they do not let their flaws define them. Since we have not removed the scars on any of her previous shots, we did not in this beauty set either. Oh, and Emily still loves dogs.

MAKEUPARTIST NOTE: For Emily’s shoot, knowing that she would be wearing two dresses—a stunning gold beaded one for the first half of the shoot and a maroon silk for the second half—I had to pick something that would suit both looks. I chose to do gold shimmer eyeshadow tones on the inner to middle lid to open and brighten. I really wanted to smoke this eye out and add extra glam so I used a dark golden brown color and concentrated that color in the outer v crease and just blended it out to follow the natural angle of her eye. I brought that color down around the bottom of the lower lash line as well. To finish the eye look, I added thick, long false lashes to add definition and volume. I wanted her cheeks to have a natural flush look to them so I added a touch of pink blush to the apples of her cheeks and bronzer to the outer edges of her face and blended to give her a bit of warmth. The lips were a bit trickier as I had to ensure the lip color would complement both dress colors. I chose a lipstick stain that was closest to her maroon dress but also looked striking with her gold dress. It took a little gold glitter to finish the look!

We used two Godox AD400Pros, both with 12” x 36” strip boxes, the main without a grid, the kicker with one. I love using directional light and grids are key. The AD400 fills the modifier so well that without the grid it can light her whole body.

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