January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

In the third photo of Lauren we get back to beauty. We pulled a layer of her dress up under her head and added the petals from one of the flowers to the image. Lighting and posing are critical to this image. The key to a pose like this is to keep her neck and spine in a straight line. When talking them into the pose they tend to bend their neck sideways and it can look more like they fell off a building than a dramatic fashion pose. See the pullback for a diagram. The next step is to bend their knees, especially if their legs will not be in the shot. This thins their waist as it puts a natural arch in their back and flexes their abs. If you are putting an arm above their head, put it on the far sideā€”no armpits, ever. I like to have them touch their collarbone with their close hand so it does not leave the back of their hand facing the light source. The lighting is also critical. The best light comes from above, but that is a little more difficult when they are on the floor. Set the light so you get a drop shadow below their nose and the catchlights between their pupil and eyelid. I used a kicker with a grid to set some subtle rim lighting 180 degrees from the main.

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