January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

Hair & Makeup Tips & Tricks to Elevate Your Beauty Portraits | David Beckham & Ericka Reid

We used a three-LED continuous light setup for her close-ups, a Godox SL200 with a Glow 23” beauty dish on the main and two SL150s for the hair light/kickers. I used two Paul Buff 12” x 36” strip boxes. I love the quality of the Buff boxes and they all collapse easily so I can travel with them when I teach. Savage makes a low-profile Bowens ring that fits Buff’s modifiers so the elements and bulbs of the Godox lighting I use extend into the modifiers. The flashes fill the modifiers so they can modify the light correctly. For perfect soft fill reflections and brighter eyes, I have a Wescott Eyelighter. I use the white panel instead of the silver one. It tends to brighten their eyes rather than create a reflection. The best light comes from above, so I set the lights slightly above them to come down on their face. I am always looking for a drop shadow under their nose. When shooting with long lashes it may be a little like shooting under a wide-brim hat. We need to pay closer attention to how the light hits their eyes so that we still see the catchlights. These LED lights are a perfect 5600K and work great in this flower wall setup. The SL200 was at 50% power and the kickers were at 75%. They aren’t as bright as a flash so we need to work at different settings than you would flash. This was shot with a Sony A7III and a Sony G series 85mm, f/1.4 lens. The settings were ISO 100, f/1.4, 1/250th. This gives us the soft bokeh on the flowers and crystal-clear focus on her eyes.

The next image shows more of her body, the gown and a twist in her pose. We removed the Eyelighter for this one. The beauty dish allows a soft drop-off of light.

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