January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

JANUARY 2021 | ISSUE 100

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How to Get Your First Client with Vanessa Joy


Product Spotlight with the Jai Mayhew line by Intuition


The Business of Beauty with Sal Cincotta


Product Spotlight with N-Vu Dual-Vu & Live-Vu


5 Tips for Better Boudoir Photos with Michael Anthony

Hair & Makeup Tips & Tricks to Elevate Your Beauty Portraits with David Beckham & Ericka Reid 66


5 Tips for Creating Fine Art Portraits with Barbara MacFerrin

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Maternity Posing with Donatella Nicolini

Boudoir Photography and the Art of Storytelling with Shannon K Dougherty

Creativity with Light with Irina Jomir

In-Studio Posing with Laura Shortt

Inspirations from Our Readers

The Best Video Delivery Platforms with Rob Adams

5 Tips for Efficient Editing in Lightroom Classic V10 with Dustin Lucas

Final Inspiration with Sal Cincotta

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