January 2021 // The Beauty Edition


It goes without saying that hair and makeup will significantly help your subject look and feel their best. The problem is that many clients are hesitant about either having somebody else do their hair and makeup, or about spending the extra money to get it done.

We have found a direct link between higher sales and clients that opt for hair and makeup in our studio, and while it’s just anecdotal to assume that link is because the client looks and feels better, we know there is a direct link, so we try to encourage this in a variety of ways. First, feature transformations on your website. You can do this with professional models if you don’t want to use your clients, but show the transformation from before to after. This alone is the most powerful thing you can do. Next, offer bundled services. We offer hair and makeup with a partner salon in our middle and top session fees for boudoir clients. This will encourage a higher entry point which undoubtedly leads to higher overall revenues. Lastly, make sure the salon you are offering is talented and punctual. Once your studio gets busy, that second part will be incredibly important for making sure that you are successful long term.

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