January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

5 Tips for Better Boudoir Photos | Michael Anthony


Cliche? Maybe. We talk about this all the time here at Shutter Magazine … But the honest truth is that if you are not thinking about this, it’s a lot easier to forget. Here is how I know. We had a client recently that needed a quick turnaround on their album. Rather than send this to design and forget about it like I usually do, I had to make the album in house. The client had a 30-page album, but I realized that 90% of the images I shot were in the horizontal format. Being that boudoir is a lot more specialized, we typically show a lot less imagery, and as a result it was extra hard to fill the book with a good, solid set of images. So now I follow what I call the S X 3 Method. I use this not only for boudoir shoots, but for location portraits as well. This is how it goes…

Standard, Story, Signature(s) times 3 looks (or locations)

We will photograph a series of tight, middle and wide standard shots (think looking at the camera, looking away, looking at the shoulder for boudoir).

We will photograph this sequence in horizontal and vertical formats.

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