January 2021 // The Beauty Edition


I have heard it time and again from photographers around the world: "All my clients want are digital files." No, that’s just not accurate. You just don’t know how to shoot and sell in a way that lends to a printed product. Sure, if every image is them looking at camera half naked, sure, no one is going to want that on their walls for friends and family to stare at during the next Christmas dinner. However, if you shoot something that is more fine-art in nature, you will see clients will gladly showcase these images on their walls.

So, what products sell?

Albums This is the easiest item to sell to your clients. It's private and something that can easily be hidden in a drawer, so this is appealing to even the most modest of clients. Fine Art Print Box We offer these to our clients and they love them. They are fine art prints matted and placed in a nice wooden or metal box. We offer this as a complete solution for our clients. It allows them to display single images on an easel or just store them on a nightstand in a luxury style box. Canvas. Metals. Acrylics. If you want to sell your clients on wall prints you must change the way you shoot and edit. No one wants "raw” or “natural" images on their walls. I hate to break it to you. If a client is going to display a revealing image like this, it needs to be polished and a bit more abstract in nature. This will allow them to have it in their home as more of an art piece and it becomes a much easier sell.

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