January 2021 // The Beauty Edition


Cons of WedFlow Not sure what happens after the 10 years of hosting expires Premium features come at an additional price

Pros of WedFlow More brandable collections/player “Play all” feature Video background loops

For me, WedFlow is a more wedding-tailored service and for now is my choice for wedding film delivery. Having used both services over time there are definitely pros and cons to each, but as it stands right now these are the two best video delivery platforms out there. It will be very interesting to see over time how each of these services branch out in the market and expand their user base.

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Rob Adams is a veteran wedding filmmaker and educator. During his 22 years filming weddings he has helped to define modern wedding storytelling with his blending of visuals and spoken dialogue. He has been a frequent contributor to Shutter Magazine and has spoken at various photo and video conferences around the globe.

website: robadamsfilms.com instagram: @robadamsfilms

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