January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

Pros of MediaZilla Clean user interface Good quality encoding and compression Privacy and bulk delivery options

Cons of MediaZilla Price/data upload limits Lack of branding and visual customization Slow to implement updates


Now let’s talk about the newer kid on the block: WedFlow. While geared specifically towards wedding filmmakers at the moment, WedFlow has burst onto the scene offering a more stylized video delivery experience and is quick to introduce new features. You can tell they’ve come to play hard. It didn’t take long after WedFlow’s initial roll-out for them to add 4K delivery, a robust organizational system including the ability to archive old folders and collections, and motion video background menus for the collection player as well as music. They also had a “play all” feature straight-away.

WedFlow works similarly to MediaZilla with collections and single video delivery and allows for a few more customization options for text and accent colors. The real draw for me is the overall look of the forward-facing player. It is a bit more tailored to a wedding service business. You can also have your logo included on the collection player for a more brandable look. MediaZilla only offers logo integration within deliverable emails, not on the player itself.

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