January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

The Best Video Delivery Platforms | Rob Adams

Can we all agree that DVDs and Blu-ray Discs are dead? I know I’ll get lambasted for saying that because I know there are some video producers that still deliver their video on optical media. Many of them are in the event video industry filming recitals and stage performances for schools and drama clubs. I’m talking about the video industry as a whole. I can’t think of one wedding or documentary filmmaker that still uses optical media for delivering videos. Bandwidth has become fast and available these days, enough so that the most compressed video files can be delivered over standard hosting websites like Dropbox and Google Drive. Larger files can be sent via WeTransfer and private cloud services. For a more polished presentation and streamlined end-viewer experience however, there are a couple of services out there that are worth talking about when you want to leave a lasting impression on your client as well as offer a nice viewing experience for streaming videos on television displays and mobile devices. Here we will talk about the two most popular video delivery/streaming services and the pros and cons of each. Vimeo is not one of them. While I think Vimeo is a viable option for content delivery, I want to focus on two of the newer, more progressive services in the game: MediaZilla (mediazilla.com) and WedFlow (wedflow.co). These are two video delivery platforms that really offer the most seamless experience and have worked hard to ensure new features and quality updates are made available on the regular.


First let’s talk about MediaZilla, which burst onto the scene several years ago when a couple of entrepreneurs—one of which already had a DVD and Blu-ray template and customization service available for wedding filmmakers—saw an emerging need for digital video delivery in the wedding videographer world. The very first iteration of MediaZilla allowed video producers to upload single or multiple videos to a “collection” and then create a basic but user-friendly DVD-style menu for hosting and delivering in the cloud and through mass emails. Visually speaking it wasn’t much, but you could upload a background image and customize the colors of the buttons and text to create a more branded experience, and it was an easy way for clients to view, download and share videos. It’s since been adopted by not just wedding videographers, but commercial video producers and the event and stage performance world, among others. MediaZilla has been working on branching out its reach to other content producers and customers who have a need for delivering videos privately without resorting to YouTube and Vimeo.

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