January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

How to Get Your First Client | Vanessa Joy

So, you've just graduated with a photography degree, or maybe took some online courses and are loaded down with expensive equipment and newbie knowledge. Congratulations! You're well on your way to establishing an exciting career in a competitive industry. But just because you know how to take pretty pictures, have fancy gear, and have a decent portfolio under your belt doesn't necessarily mean that clients are going to fall into your lap—especially your first client. You have to work for it. This is where taking the right networking steps and building a stellar reputation is critical. Here's how to do just that.


When it comes to building up a clientele from the ground up, there's one goal in mind: get your name out there. Don't be afraid to message people directly on social media, meet them for coffee to answer their questions, whatever it takes to get outside your bubble and connect with the public. Talk to anyone and everyone about photography and your new business. Most importantly, always strive to:

· Be convenient. · Answer quickly. · Be relatable.

Your prospective clients may not know the difference between good and great photography, but they definitely know the difference between good and great customer service. They'll notice if you've followed up with them quickly or not and whether you were down to earth or a total jerk. When you do have the chance to answer their questions or follow up with them, don't miss the opportunity to connect with them. Talk about their business, children, or hobbies, whatever you can to let them know that you're interested in who they are as a person.

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