January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

In-Studio Posing | Laura Shortt

It’s also important to be present and in the moment for our subjects because during their photo shoot they are going to give us moments of magic that we have to be observant enough to catch, as in the photo below. When I took this portrait I was instructing the model on how to hold the hat when something happened to make her giggle—I don’t recall what made her laugh, but I had my camera ready to capture the moment, and the result is this photo.

Model: Isabella Piercey HMUA: Vivian Chen

On the topic of creating magic moments, I recommend that you also get your subject moving. I make sure I allot at least 5-10 minutes every shoot where I simply allow the subject to move on their own. If you ever watch behind-the-scenes footage of Peter Lindbergh at work, he appears to give very little direction to the model. He allows his subject to be free, and the results are profound. I have recently started to do this in my sessions with models, and I’ve found it creates moments of beauty that I don’t think I could achieve through coaching alone. The three photos provided were all a result of allowing the model to move on their own, whilst I observed them with my camera. Please note: I wouldn’t do this exercise with an everyday client, as it could overwhelm them or make them feel self-conscious. However, I would give them an easier variation on the idea where I show them a movement and then get them to repeat the same movement in repetition a few times while photographing them.

Model: Sam Quinn

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