January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

Creativity with Light | Irina Jomir


In the example above, I demonstrate light spread from modifiers I use. Here you see an octabox, an umbrella (Photek SoftLighter in my case), deep umbrella and bare strobes, one of which directed at a wall/ceiling or V-Flat. All you need to see is the edges of the modifier to understand how wide of a light spread it’s going to produce. Knowing this simple rule will help you when deciding what modifiers to use.

Irina is a portrait, fine art and maternity photographer based in Norway. Her passion for arts and her inner need to visually express her emotional views on the world led her to choose photography as her medium. At this point her work focuses mainly on stylized portraiture with a hint of fine art and fashion, however, she prefers to explore different genres to help her expand her knowledge of photography as she feels like one genre is somehow limiting. She loves being in constant search of new and loves sharing her knowledge with others. website: irina-jomir.com instagram: @irina.jomir

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