January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

Creativity with Light | Irina Jomir


This set of boudoir series was done in a small hotel room where walls were painted in red. I remember coming into this hotel room where the shoot was going to take place and being completely terrified—narrow room, no white walls or white ceiling to bounce my strobes from, and in the last hour of daylight which I could use as fill light and mix with strobe... nothing I’m used to at all. Harsh light is not my thing and strobes are soon the only source of light in a pitch-black space with red walls. I ended up using only one strobe with a large Photek SoftLighter, double diffusion plus extra-large diffuser used from a reflector that I placed in between the model and the strobe. The distance between model, diffuser and strobe varies from picture to picture. I would place it very close to my model to have her as the main point of a viewer’s attention like on images where the background looks black. I’d place it much farther away on images with a red wall and bathtub. The main key was to use as much diffusion as possible and I would bump up ISO as high as necessary.

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