January 2021 // The Beauty Edition

Creativity with Light | Irina Jomir


To achieve the same result, all you have to do is use the biggest modifier you have and place it behind your backdrop, slightly tilted down. It will look as if you had a big window behind. You can see it used this way in my ballerina shots. As fill light I used a bare strobe directed into the V-Flat as I wanted a bigger spread of light to light up the scene. I placed it on the right side at 45 degrees.

Canvas backdrops will work better when you place a strobe right behind because they are thicker. With a paper background you’ll get a burned highlight spot on top of it, however, there’s a fix for that too. Let’s say all you have is one strobe, one modifier and a paper background. Would you still be able to achieve the same result? Yes! Just place a V-Flat between your light and backdrop. In front of the model, place two V-Flats between you and the model. The light from the strobe will hit the V-Flats and bounce back onto your model.

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