April 2021 // The Travel Edition

Travel Photography Gear Guide | John Greengo

vatican city

punakha, bhutan

settings: f8.0 @ 1/200 iso 100

settings: f11 @ 1/40 iso 200

chefchaouen, morocco

settings: f4.0 @ 1/250 iso 400

When preparing for your next trip, be mindful of not packing all that you “might” need, but rather bringing only what you know you can make use of. Your perfectly packed camera bag should be described as not too heavy, and filled with a minimum number of items that all fit the classification of either needed or useful.

JohnGreengo specializes in photographic education through online training, books, and international photo tours. He has photographed on all seven continents and has led photo tours to many of the 50 countries he has visited. John’s desire to help fellow photographers grow, coupled with his talent for simplifying the complex, has positioned him as a world leader in photographic education. His classes over the last 10 years have been viewed by millions around the globe, the most popular of which are “Fundamentals of Photography,” “Travel Photography,” and his collection of tutorials on over 60 specific cameras. website: johngreengo.com instagram: @john_greengo

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