April 2021 // The Travel Edition

Travel Photography Gear Guide | John Greengo


The dreaded tripod can be an agonizing decision for many travelers. I typically bring a tripod as many of the images I like to create require one. My advice is to look for the smallest tripod that will get the job done well. I’m a big fan of the Gitzo traveler series. An important question is: do you know you’ll need a tripod, or is it that you think you might need one? The first time I headed off on safari to Kenya I wanted to bring a tripod. After packing all my gear and weighing it, it was either a tripod or a change of clothing—Kenya planes can have exceedingly strict gear loads (35lbs/16kg of total baggage). Thinking about what I was primarily doing on the trip—shooting from a 4x4—the tripod didn’t make sense. So I left it at home and the trip was a great success.

new zealand

settings: f8 @ 1/420 iso 200

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