April 2021 // The Travel Edition

Top 10 Destination Wedding Photography Tips | Charleton Churchill

settings: f10 @ 1/3200 iso 1600


Sometimes a destination wedding is a destination to your couple, but not to you because you live so close. If so, learn and get to know the vendors who work hard and produce great work in that area. Refer them even if they don’t refer you. Maybe someday they will refer you, but you want to help your couples with basic requests if you can. If your destination is further away, and you want to return to that destination, then get to know the vendors and the venues with great service. Help them get business, make them look good with your images, credit them on a blog post, and hopefully it will come back to you as a blessing.

Charleton Churchill is an international wedding and adventure elopement photographer based near Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. He is known for helping ignite the adventure wedding movement and he photographed the internationally viral Mt. Everest Wedding that was featured globally in the news, talk shows, magazines, blogs and popular TV shows. Charleton presented a TEDx Talk on adventure weddings and has spoken for Nikon, Profoto, and at photo conferences, conventions, seminars and workshops. While Charleton is known for his adventure footprint in the industry, he continues to climb mountains, push himself to deliver only the best, and produce epic signature masterpiece work for his couples. website: charletonchurchill.com instagram: @charletonchurchill

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