April 2021 // The Travel Edition

Top 10 Destination Wedding Photography Tips | Charleton Churchill


Small but important necessities that get overlooked can compromise your entire trip. When traveling, do your homework. Have a contract that spells out what will happen in circumstances. Stormy weather could ruin a whole day; will you be available the next day to shoot? With international flights, what size bags are you allowed to carry on? Do you need a work visa? Many things can ruin a trip if not carefully checked: carrying lithium batteries on flights, required wedding permits in national parks, if certain locations are even open, updated passports with copies, bank notification that you’re traveling, cell phone coverage, and other details. I traveled to a national park internationally, and we were told we couldn’t photograph there. Don’t jeopardize your business and reputation. Bonus: Travel with TSA PreCheck, which allows you to bypass the long airport security lines and get to your flights much sooner.

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