April 2021 // The Travel Edition


When deciding on a destination wedding, figure out if it’s worth it for you. If traveling by plane, plan to be gone 3-4 days minimum. If international, you will need to show up at least 2-3 days early to avoid any possible hiccups and maybe scope out locations. International trips require more time where a flight could take 30 hours. I have learned what it’s worth for me and my family. You will have to decide. For me to accept an international wedding, it has to be the right price, the right location, and the right couple with all the work and time it requires. I have a family, so I choose to take on fewer international weddings and take on more closer weddings. If you’re single or have no kids, you can take more risks.

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This pertains mostly to elopements, but it can apply to weddings. Decide on four or five wedding packages to include pricing for in your local area and international. Because June through October and especially weekends are busy for many of us, these months require higher package minimums to book. In other words, don’t book a 2-hour elopement on a Saturday in June when you can book an 8-hour one instead. Move those smaller events to the weekday and locally if you can. Many of my couples inquire with no date selected and weekdays are always better with fewer crowds. Also, I don’t shoot portraits or engagements on the weekend because if I’m not shooting a wedding on the weekend, I’m spending quality time with my family. When I tell them the minimum, they can either refuse or commit.

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