April 2021 // The Travel Edition

APRIL 2021 | ISSUE 103

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How I Got the Shot with Vanessa Joy


Product Spotlight with N-Vu Dual-Vu & Live-Vu


A Guide to Mobile Video Editing with Rob Adams


Product Spotlight with Standard & Extended Bug Out Bags


5 Ways to Add Destination Shoots to Your Portfolio with Sal Cincotta


Top 10 Destination Wedding Photography Tips with Charleton Churchill


Travel Photography Gear Guide with John Greengo

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Working On Location with Off-Camera Flash with Dixie Dixon

The Best Settings for Night Photography with Jennifer Wu

Editing Travel Photos with Lightroom: Tips & Tricks with Clifford Pickett

How to Practice Travel Photography at Home with Molly Van kley

Tools and Techniques for Epic Landscape Photography with Ryan Brown


A Guide to Getting Started as a Travel Photographer with Kenny Kim

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Inspirations from Our Readers

How to Get Better Color with Canon in Lightroom Classic with Dustin Lucas

Final Inspiration with Molly Van kley

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